ICHMI 2024 | Xi'an, China

ICHMI 2024 | May 24-26, 2024  

2024 4th International Conference on Human–Machine Interaction (ICHMI 2024) was successfully held in Xi'an, China on May 24-26, 2024. ICHMI 2024 was co-sponsored by Xidian University, China, and Beijing CAS Spark Institute of Information Technology (SIIT). The conference attracted over 120 participants from 11 countries and regions. The academic exchanges during the conference were vibrant, with representatives from universities, research institutes, and companies showcasing their latest research achievements.


Group Photo 

Welcome Message from Conference Chair
Wenchi Cheng, Xidian University, China  
Keynote Speaker: Prof. Jiangzhou Wang (王江舟 教授)
University of Kent, U.K.  
Keynote Speaker: Prof. Yaochu Jin (金耀初 教授)
Westlake University, China (西湖大学)  
Keynote Speaker: Prof. Zhou Su (苏洲 教授)
Xi’an Jiaotong University, China (西安交通大学)  
Invited Speakers: Feng Shu, Hainan University, China | Weihua Sheng, Oklahoma State University (OSU), USA | Nan Cheng, Xidian University, China
Yuanwei Liu, Queen Mary University of London, London, UK | Wensheng Lin, Northwestern Polytechnical University, China | Jingqing Wang, Xidian University, China  
Best Student Paper Award
CI-1805: Rongtao Ye, Tsinghua University, China
Best Student Paper Award
CI-1501: Wentao Yang, Chengdu University of Information Technology, China
Best Presenter Session 1
CI-1809-A - Na Gong
Best Presenter Session 2
CI-5994 - Yalong Wu
Best Presenter Session 3
CI24-211 - Aniqua Nusrat Zereen
Best Presenter Session 4
CI-9927 - Yong Wang
Best Presenter Session 5
CI-8203 - Sihao Xie
Best Presenter Session 6
CI-3161 - Rama C Koppula
Best Presenter Session 7
CI-1234 - Zhenyu Qiu
Best Presenter Session 8
CI-7451 - Thamindu Gamage
Best Presenter Session 9
CI-8257 - Jialong Shao
Best Presenter Session 10
CI-3938 - Ligang He
Best Presenter Session 11
CI-1698 - Rashid Khan

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