Conference Venue | 会议地点

Xidian University, China  

Directly under the Ministry of Education, XDU is a national key university featuring electronic and information science. XDU has 26 colleges, more than 37,000 students, and around 2600 faculty. XDU has two campuses, covering an area of 270 hectares (2700000m²). The south campus is known as the new campus. North campus is located downtown and is 13 kilometers away from the south one. There are many world-renowned high-tech companies, such as Samsung, Micron Technology, etc. around the south campus and the location of the XDU south campus is named Electronic Valley by the Xi’an Municipal Government.
XDU is characterized by its electronic and information science disciplines. According to the latest report of ESI, the disciplines of Information and Communication Engineering and Computer Science and Technology are listed among top 1 ‰ in the world. In the Fourth National Assessment of First-level disciplines, 3 disciplines at Xidian University have been rated A. Electronic Science and Technology is rated A+, ranking #1 nationwide, Information and Communication Engineering A, and Computer Science and Technology A-. XDU also focuses on comprehensive development of disciplines like economics, management, humanities and sciences. It has established the School of Economics and Management, School of Foreign Languages, School of Humanities and School of Life Sciences, Physics and Mathematics.

以信息与电子学科为主,工、理、管、文多学科协调发展的全国重点大学,直属教育部,国家“优势学科创新平台”项目和“211工程”项目重点建设高校之一、国家双创示范基地之一、首批35所示范性软件学院、首批9所示范性微电子学院、首批9所获批设立集成电路人才培养基地和首批一流网络安全学院建设示范项目的高校之一。学校信息与通信工程、计算机科学与技术连续两轮入选国家“双一流”建设学科 。  

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